Soothing Argan Foot Oil

I walk A LOT and that leads to tired and sore feet. Here's an easy DIY foot oil made with precious argan oil that will leave your feet soft and rejuvenated. All you need is some organic argan oil and lavender essential oil. What You'll … [Read more]

Aromatherapy Resources

I’ve had a lot of people ask me where to get quality essential oils, carrier oils, packaging, and more. Well here’s a list of websites and stores you can find high quality ingredients for your DIY skincare and aromatherapy needs. If you don’t see … [Read more]

Argan Oil Nail Treatment

Are your nails in need of some TLC? This argan nail oil treatment will do the trick. The argan and castor oils will strengthen nails and cuticles, and the lemon essential oil will help whiten and strengthen nails as well. Let's get started. What … [Read more]